An Adorable Canvas Banner for your Decor

If you’ve been wanting to do a pretty hand stitching project that you can finish in an afternoon, a DIY felt banner is a wonderful option. Once you hang it on your wall, you’ll be able to admire the charming design while also remembering that you made it completely from scratch. Our designer Krista came up with this adorable scene, drawing inspiration from a whimsical Alice in Wonderland-like fantasy. She chose a soft color palette with blush pinks and mustard yellow, but you can easily customize the colors to reflect your personal style.



  • Canvas
  • Lia Griffith’s Wool Blend Felt – Rose Quartz, Blush, White
  • Wool/Wool Blend Felt – Saffron, and Steel Blue
  • Embroidery Floss (blush, white, saffron)
  • Blush Pink Yarn
  • Air Dry Fabric Marker
  • 14″ Wooden Dowel
  • Twine
  • Craft or Fabric Glue 


  1. Gather tools and materials listed above. 
  2. Print PDF banner template below and cut canvas.
  3. Fold and press the 4 bottom edges over a quarter-inch and sew closed. Fold the top down 1 inch, press and sew closed with your sewing machine to make a tube for the wooden dowel. 
  4. Cut your felt pieces according to the pattern in the template.

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Feel free to choose your own color palette to match your specific home decor! The yarn pom pom is optional, but we liked the cute little addition. After you finish your banner, we love the idea of using it for nursery decor. If you’re feeling inspired, you can use this DIY felt banner technique with your own designs!

Strut Your Stuff

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