Felt_Moose_Head_TemplateWhen we began developing ideas for our cute camping-themed bedroom last month, we wanted to create an eye-catching 3D project that we could hang on the wall. After a little doughnut-fueled brain-storming session, we decided that it was time to create our own pattern for a DIY Felt Moose Head. We were determined to design a pattern that would be easy for even those with little craft experience to achieve and I think we have done that!

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This pattern is simple to print and cut and our tutorial below makes it easy to assemble and fill. We stitched our moose head pieces together with a sewing machine then added other details by hand. None of the sewing is complicated so don’t be put off if you’re not an accomplished sewer – you don’t need to be! Our top tip for making our DIY felt moose head at home would be to stuff it really really full with batting so that it retains it’s 3D shape when you hang it on the wall. We also added a couple stitches to the back of the antlers to make sure they stood up tall and didn’t flop forwards.  This a perfect craft project for someone looking to create something amazing for their home! How about making it in hot pink for a teenagers bedroom or in patchwork for those who want to push their sewing talent a little further? Wherever you choose to give your DIY felt moose head a home, have fun making it and please do share your creativity with us over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. See you there! ~ Lia

Felt_Moose_Trophy Moose_Head_DIY Felt_DIY_Moose_Head Moose_Head_DIY_Felt_Camping_Room_TN