One type of DIY that we can never get enough of is DIY jewelry. We get to explore lots of different materials in making our own jewelry, like hardware store goodies or modeling clay. I know it might be hard to believe at first, but this pretty DIY flower ring is actually a shrinky dink! The entire process is extremely easy, and the result is unique and charmingly adorable.

Just download our flower template below and follow our step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Flower Ring

Not Your Grandma’s Flower Ring

Shrink film is one of our favorite materials for crafting jewelry. Along with this DIY flower ring, we have made tons of necklaces and earrings. Additionally, we have used it to make gift tags, magnets, and cute charms. As you can see, this craft supply is very versatile, so it’s always a good idea to have some on hand.

We think this DIY flower ring is perfect for flower lovers of all ages. But we could see it being an especially great jewelry gift for teens and tweens—or something they could craft on their own! Depending on their age, you may want to help with them certain parts of the crafting process. And it will make for a fun indoor activity that the two of you can do together.

All of the tools and materials you will need for this project are listed below. And if you have any questions, just ask! Once you have your ring put together, you can wear it the very next day. Happy crafting! ~ Lia and team



Instructions for DIY Flower Ring

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials listed above. Then, download the flower template at the end of this post and cut onto shrink film.
  2. Color the stamen piece and the center of the petals with a pink marker. Bake the larger petal round.
  3. Quickly remove from oven, and then use the handle of a paintbrush to gently push down the middle of the flower. Shape the petals upward with your fingers (see photo tutorial). Repeat Steps 4–5 for the second large petal round.
  4. Bake the smaller stamen piece, and then gently shape with a smaller paintbrush.
  5. Carefully file the edges of the petals to smooth them if necessary.
  6. Use a toothpick to apply adhesive to the center of the bottom petal piece, the bottom of the middle petal piece, and the center of the stamen piece. Wait 2 minutes for the glue to get tacky.
  7. Stack the petal pieces, then place the gold bead in the center of the stamen. Wait at least 30 minutes to dry.
  8. Apply glue to the center of the flower and the bottom of the stamen. Wait 2 minutes for it to get tacky, then attach.
  9. Next, apply glue to the bottom of the finished flower and the top of the ring blank. Wait for it to get tacky and attach.
  10. Allow your ring to dry at least 24 hours before wearing it.

For a visual guide to making your DIY flower ring, follow our step-by-step photo tutorial!


Download the SVG version to use with a machine or the PDF if you are cutting by hand. Find guidance to cut the shrink film with a machine in the printable instructions below. Or print the template directly onto the shrink film if you are using an inkjet printer.

We used a Copic marker in pink to add the detailing, but any light pink marker will work. The color will bake much more vibrantly as a result.

Follow the instructions on your specific shrink film to bake the flower ring pieces properly. Generally, you will need to place the petals onto a sheet of parchment paper. Shape them as quickly as possible after pulling them out of the oven because the more they cool, the less malleable they will be. We recommend shaping them on a soft surface, like a foam sheet or a kitchen pot holder with the parchment paper in between.

Get Inspired!

This is your handmade flower ring, so you can customize it however you want! You can easily make yours with a silver bead and ring band, or add a different color of marker to the stamen.

Check out our geometric necklace for another jewelry project using the same material. Or browse through all of our DIY jewelry for inspiration.

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Handmade Flower Rings
Girl wearing DIY Flower Blossom Rings
DIY photo tutorial for shrink film flower ring by Lia Griffith