Your New Favorite Necklace

Leather tassels are an accessory trend this isn’t going away any time soon, and you won’t be hearing any complaints about that from our end! We love our leather tassel keychain, so to add to our collection we made this DIY leather tassel necklace. Because you know how much we love an opportunity to add copper accents to our projects, we used copper tubing and chains to bring this homemade necklace to life.


  • Scissors
  • Low Temperature Hot Glue Gun
  • Wire Cutters 
  • Small Pliers 
  • Tube Cutter


  • 24″ Thin Chain
  • 10″ Thick Chain
  • 2 Small Jump Rings
  • Copper Lobster Claw Clasp
  • 28 Gauge Copper Wire
  • 1mm Copper Tubing (3″ piece)
  • Flat Leather Cording


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Using the tube cutter, cut three pieces of copper tubing, one 1/2″ piece and two 1.25″ pieces.
  3. String one 1.25″ copper piece onto the wire followed by a jump ring, the other 1.25″ copper piece, and then the 1/2″ copper piece.
  4. Cut the wire, then secure the two ends together forming a triangle and hiding the excess wire inside the copper tubing.
  5. Cut four 6″ lengths of leather cording. 
  6. Hold the four pieces together evenly and fold them in half, then place the loop under the base of the triangle and pull it through the center.
  7. Take all of the loose ends and bring them up and over the base of the triangle. Thread them through the loop.
  8. Arrange all of the cords so they are laying flat and pointing in the same direction, then pull tight.
  9. Cut three 1/2″ lengths of leather cording and two 1.5″ lengths.
  10. Glue the three 1/2″ cords together. Fold one of the 1.5″ cords in half and glue to the three cords leaving a loop at the top. 
  11. Take the other 1.5″ cord and wrap it around to hide the tops of the 1/2″ cords leaving a loop at the top, then glue into place. 
  12. Take the 24″ thin chain and attach it to 10 inches of thick chain. Attach the lobster claw clasp to the end of the smaller chain with a jump ring.
  13. Attach a jump ring to the tassel, then attach it to the end of the thicker chain.
  14. You can clasp the necklace anywhere on the thick chain to adjust the length. 

Follow along with our tassel necklace photo tutorial below for visual guidance! 


You should be able to find your materials at your local jewelry and bead store, or even in the jewelry making section of a nearby craft store. Head to a leather store to look through their scrap bin, or ask if your fabric store has any leather pieces you can take off their hands. You may even be able to find a selection of fun colors for your leather tassel necklace! Jewelry is something that is so easy customize, so feel free to get creative with this one. 

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