Washer_Bracelets_Three_Designs_MetalI have been falling in love with my local hardware store recently – there are so many opportunities for making beautiful home decor and inexpensive jewelry pieces. Recently we showed you some gorgeous necklaces that you can make out of copper tubing. Today we are sharing our DIY bracelet designs using washers and hex nuts from our local store. These make great gifts, and look fab when stacked on your wrist together! You could also adapt these designs to make matching necklaces and earrings if you wanted. The first of our three designs uses 14 hex nuts braided into three lengths of tan leather cord. The trick with this, and all of our DIY bracelet designs, is to cut your cord a good 3 inches longer than the desired length of your finished product, to allow for knots in the design. The other two designs, both of which use washers, requires you to wrap the cord around each washer, so make sure you have plenty extra leather! Once you have all your materials, follow the tutorials below to make these cute DIY bracelet designs. 

We would love to see your handmade work. If you are inspired by our DIY designs, please share your images using the #DIYDreamingWithLia hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we will share our faves! Enjoy! ~ Lia