DIY Organic Lip BalmA while ago I started the process of making my own lip balm. It fits right in with all of my bath and beauty product being natural and organic and I love that it can so easily be handmade. After experimenting with a few variations, I have come up with my personal favorite blend. Of course you can adjust to make it fit your preferences. I do add just a little color to mine with a natural color stick. You can also use pure mineral powder blush or a touch of your favorite lipstick color. Remember that the yellow of the olive oil will change the color a bit. If you replaced the olive oil with all coconut oil, you would be able to get a clearer pink. I like the added olive oil so I don’t mind. Another option for those who are allergic to coco butter is lanolin. I will be trying this in the next batch and will report how I like it.

Lip Balm Ingredients

How to Make Organic Lip Balm

I have also prepared these kraft paper style labels just for this project. Just download them onto your computer. Install the free font Quicksand Bold and open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat. You can change the flavor if you need and add your own “made by” and ingredients list. Print these onto full sheet label paper and trim rounds with a 1.5 inch circle punch and the squares with a craft knife. Important note: When printing the PDF make sure you print FULL SIZE rather than the default FIT PAGE. This will make your labels too small. Enjoy your silky lips! ~ Lia