Paper_Ivy_Topiary_DIY This adorable little green arrangement is the perfect way to bring some height to a vignette or add an element of nature to your dinning table, window ledge or mantle.  For my topiary I chose the ivy leaf, you could use any leaf that could be cut to develop and maintain clearly defined shapes.  I love that these pretty topiaries are so versatile, also perfect in wedding decor or at a baby shower.

Last year I made a DIY topiary with crepe paper so this year I decided to make one with metallic paper.  It is quite elegant for a diy paper ivy topiary and is it just me or does it look real?  For me the trick to making it look like the live version is mixing the colors as well as folding the score lines.

For the mix of paper colors I chose Basis Green (or Moss if you want a metallic paper), Metallic Fairway, Extract Cactus, Pop Tone Sour Apple.   Thank you to who is hosting today’s PDF and SVG file. You can pop right over there and download them and join me in creating a little Downton touch for your home or event. Enjoy! ~ Lia