The Prettiest Pumpkins!

I love designing paper into mini 3D pieces of art so I had a lot of fun designing these little paper pumpkins. This is a simple DIY project to decorate for Halloween, Fall or Thanksgiving. It’s also a versatile design – string them together to make a 3D  garland, make a whole bunch in varying sizes for the center of your table or make just one or two for the windowsill. Make them in a mix of orange, cream and white papers, or you can even go glam and make them in shimmering glitter papers if that takes your fancy! 

I have the pattern ready for you in a PDF printable (three sizes) or an SVG cut file for those of you with personal cutting machines. Once the pattern is downloaded and the card stock is cut, my paper pumpkin is so simple to put together that even the little ones can have a go. I used a low temperature glue gun to assemble my paper pumpkin but if the kiddos are getting involved, you might want to use glue dots instead. For the pumpkin stems I used a square of kraft paper which I rolled up and glued onto the top of the pumpkin once I’d assembled it. You can even use recycle paper bags for the little stems. See the steps below for all of the details. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Tools & Materials

  • Pattern (download below)
  • Orange card stock
  • Green card stock
  • Low temperature glue gun
  • Cutting machine or scissors


  1. Cut all pieces according to the pattern instructions
  2. Score and fold the center piece that will support the shape of the pumpkin. Glue it together at the top
  3. Use glue to stick the center piece into the middle of the flat pumpkin shape
  4. Bring each piece of the paper pumpkin up to the top of the center piece and glue it in place
  5. Roll the craft paper into a tight stem shape
  6. Glue this onto the top of the pumpkin
  7. Score lines onto the green leaf and glue this onto the top of the pumpkin close to the stem


DIY_Paper_Pumpkins Paper_Pumpkin_Diy DIY_Fall_Paper_PumpkinsPaper_Pumpkin_Tutorial