Is there a happier flower than the sunflower? I don’t think so. My DIY paper sunflower design is unusual in that it is much bigger and more robust than many of my paper flower patterns. It was a challenge to design a paper flower with such substance; the diameter is as big as my hand yet it has to stand tall on the floral wire! I love using metallic paper for the way it reflects the light and this soft yellow is just delightful with the dark metallic brown. For this flower I used gold, bronze and botanic. You can cut this with your cutting machine by clicking on the SVG file below, or you can cut by hand using the printable PDF template. Assemble the paper flower by following my step-by-step tutorial below and you will have yourself a happy little sunflower to look at all year round!

My tip for getting plenty of depth to this paper flower is to pinch the base of the petals with your fingers before gluing the flower together. This will make the petals perk up a little and if you use metallic paper the light will bounce off in all directions – beautiful! Try mixing this paper sunflower with the paper spider mums or the paper cosmos for a striking Fall paper flower display. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to see what I am sharing next. Enjoy! ~ Lia