DIY Play Mailbox



Start by gathering your tools and materials, then print the PDF template below to use as a guide for cutting your felt mailbox pieces. Find all the detailed instructions in the download below, and then use the photo tutorial for a visual guide as you craft!


We picked out our fabric from our local Fabric Depot because we were able to find 12 x 19 sheets. You will need the larger sheets in order to cover the entire mailbox. For this project we also used mesh sheets in order to hold the shape of the mailbox and flag. It’s such an easy crafting trick, and you can find mesh sheets at any craft or fabric store. When you are cutting your felt letters, we recommend tracing the template onto your felt, then snip with a small pair of scissors for more precise handling. To cut the heart out of the A, fold the felt piece in half.

As you can see in the tutorial, we use stitch witchery to adhere the letters to the play mailbox. You can find stitch witchery in bolts so that you can trim any sized piece that you need. Be sure to place a piece of cloth between the iron and the felt when you are ironing – the felt can burn easily and it can also start to smell, depending on the quality of the felt. If you want some guidance on blanket stitching, head over to our Felt 101 video for a detailed tutorial!

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You’ve Got Mail!

To fill your DIY play mailbox with valentines that your kids can bring to their classmates, take a look at all of our printable kid’s valentines for a huge variety. If you are interested in making more DIY toys out of felt, you will love our irresistible collection of felt animal stuffies. Find all of our Valentine’s Day DIYs for holiday inspiration, or pop over to our membership page to join our crafting community. Always feel free to share your project ideas with us in the comments, we love getting you in on the creative process. Cheers! ~ Lia & Team Save