Kid's Valentines

1. Mini Animal Envelopes         

Print your own furry friend envelopes. There are three designs in total – a cat, dog and bear. Choose your favorite animal or the colors that appeal to you most! Download the PDF and print the envelopes onto text weight paper or cardstock. 

Kids animal face envelopes

2. Furry Friends Valentines

Our furry friends valentines are a perfect valentine with a classic feel. There are four designs in this set and each includes a to/from section to handwrite names. Simply print onto cardstock, trim to size and they are ready to hand out in the classroom. Use some double stick tape to add a piece chocolate to the front if you’d like!
Valentines card from kids3. Air Mail Valentines

These air mail valentines have an adorable vintage design. This set comes with three different valentines, plus blank valentines if you want to write your own messages. The best part is that they also come with matching printable envelopes. Feel free to use some of these valentines for your adult friends too! 
Valentine's Air Mail Card4. Zoo Animal Valentines

Another set of classic printable kid’s valentines, these cards feature zoo animals like lions, tigers and monkeys. Using this set is as easy as printing and cutting! 
5. Valentine’s Day Labels

If you love baking, you might want to whip up a batch of your favorite goodies for Valentine’s Day. Kids can easily turn these goodies into shareable valentines with some adorable printable labels. These labels also happen to be a FREE download! Print onto full sheet label paper and stick them onto glassine bags for a clever valentine that stands out from the rest. 

6. Unicorn Valentine’s Cards

Add a little magic to your kids Valentine’s Day. Print these cute unicorn valentine cards, trim to size and let the kids do the rest! 

7. Papercut Ladybug Valentines

For those who want to get a bit more crafty to make valentines this year, we absolutely love these ladybug valentines. By using multiple layers of paper, we could make the wings moveable to reveal a sweet Valentine’s Day message. Although these take a bit more effort, they are still a simple and quick project! 
Valentine ladybug

8. Stuck on You Valentines

Our favorite adorably punny valentine is our Stuck on You design. With Valentine’s Day messages that read “than you for helping me grow,” these kid’s valentines are especially great for students to give to their teachers. The download also includes a sheet of cute stickers and envelopes that you can use to decorate the valentines even more. 
printbale Galentines cards

8. Printable Monster Cards

Keep the little monsters happy with these printable monster valentine’s cards! 

9. Sweet Baked Goods Themed Valentines

Another punny set of kid’s valentines are our printable sweets valentines. Our illustrator Krista designed the adorable treat characters with irresistible Valentine’s Day greetings. These valentines have a pastel color palette to complement the baked goods for extra cuteness!
kids sweets valentines cards

10. Valentine’s Day Candy Huggers

Candy huggers are one of our signature designs, and we love making them for every holiday and occasion. These cute characters are perfect for gifting a chocolate treat in a creative way. We have two versions of the candy huggers, a small size and a larger size (pictured below). As you can see from the photos, you can stick a piece of chocolate between their arms, or you can stick it on top of a full candy bar.  
Large Valentine Candy Huggers

11. Cupcake Treat Boxes

Another great way to gift Valentine’s Day candy is with a treat box. We have lots of treat boxes on the site, but our favorite for February 14th is our cupcake treat boxes. Fill them with sweets or love notes for a delicious kid’s valentine! 
Printbale cupcake treat boxes

12. Bumble Bee Valentine Lollipops

For a more fruity surprise, you can create bumble bee valentines with lollipops. Simply print out our bumble bee templates and slip a lollipop in the middle for a unique 3D valentine that will have your kids’ classmates buzzing with delight 😉
Bee mine lollipop wrap

13. Valentine’s Day Mailboxes 

Mailboxes have a multi-purpose use for Valentine’s Day. Kids can make one for each of their classmates with treats in them, and then they can use those mailboxes to store all of the valentines they receive throughout the day. This requires more crafting than regular printable kid’s valentines, so it can be a good opportunity for an afternoon activity with your little ones! 
Kids Mailboxes

For more Valentine’s Day inspiration, browse through our entire collection of Valentine’s Day projects. Take a look at our membership options to start downloading, or leave a comment to let us know the Valentine’s ideas you want to see us craft up next! Happy Valentine’s Day! ~ Lia & Team