Stuck on You Valentines Printable Valentines and Stickers

Download and Print

There are two colors to choose from with our Stuck on You valentines: light teal and pink. The bottom text is completely editable, so feel free to write your own unique message and customize them with your name. To edit the text, start by downloading and installing the free font DK Lemon Yellow Sun. After personalizing them, print onto white cardstock and trim to size. Once they are trimmed they will be a standard A2 size, and we even designed cute matching envelopes to pair with them. The envelopes have an editable address field, so you can either fill this in to mail them off, or leave the space blank when printing and handwrite the recipient’s name. We printed our envelopes onto copy paper so that they were easier to fold, but you can also print onto cardstock if you want something a little sturdier to send through the mail.

We always want you to have fun with your projects, so we decided to add in some adorable little stickers that you can use to decorate your valentines and envelopes! Simply print this download onto full sheet label paper and cut each sticker individually to kick you valentines up a notch. Browse all of our Valentine’s Day crafts for more holiday inspiration, or share your project ideas with us by leaving a comment below! Head over to our membership page to start downloading, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what we are up to. Lots of Love! ~ Lia & Team

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