This over-sized heart shaped pinata is the perfect DIY wedding project for those who want to inject a little fun into their wedding celebrations. The piñata has always been a party favorite but in recent years we’re seeing lots of lovely versions designed specifically for that special day. Last year I shared this paper flower pinata which is just beautiful but with 120 paper flowers to make, it requires a bit of time to put it together. This year I wanted to create a piñata that was a little more simple to make and so we created this heart piñata which we feel offers the perfect mix of good looks and simple DIY instructions. We used a mix of gold, silver and copper but but it would be easy to make this wedding piñata in a color palette that suits your theme. We began by making the heart shape frame with cardboard and craft tape, then layered our crepe paper circles on top of one another to create a feathered angel wing effect. On a bright day the sun reflects off the metallic paper in such a beautiful way, it’s almost a shame to destroy it! I would highly recommend investing in a circle punch for this project. They are not expensive to buy and will make this DIY wedding project a breeze!  Fill with candy hearts, toys or lottery tickets for the grown ups and your wedding guests will have a blast recovering their treasures. Enjoy! ~ Lia