Linen is quite the trend this year (#EmbraceTheWrinkle). It’s always been a favorite fabric of mine, so I was inspired to use it to make a DIY linen throw. This simple DIY blanket will keep you warm enough during those summer evenings and breezy mornings. You can throw it over your PJs, your favorite dress, or your coziest sweater—and you’ll still look and feel stylish!

We have two versions for you to try: one that’s simply frayed around the edges and one that’s frayed on the ends and tied into tassels. For more warm and cozy DIYs, check out our other blanket crafts. Or, if you’re ready to embrace the wrinkle and make your own linen projects, head this way to browse our tutorials

We’ve Got You Covered (in Linen)

This DIY linen throw is easy-breezy to make in just a couple hours! Gather the tools and materials from our friends at, then follow the simple steps below. Happy crafting! P.S. You can find the chair you see in this picture at Hayneedle.

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2 yards of each of the following linens:


  1. Trim each end of the two yards of linen straight along a horizontal thread line.
  2. Wash and dry your linen pieces, allowing the ends to fray.
  3. Pull off the loose threads on each end.
  4. With your seam ripper, gently loosen the threads on the edge of the blanket and remove to create fringe.
  5. Continue to remove threads to create a 2–4-inch fringe at top and bottom of blanket or on all four sides.
  6. For tassels, gather one inch of fringe and carefully loop into a knot. Continue across both sides of blanket.
  7. You can wash and dry your blankets again and again.

What Are You Working on This Summer?

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