Macrame Plant HolderWe have one of our first real plants in the studio! And what better way to display it than to hang it in a DIY macrame plant holder? We have been dabbling in a little handmade macrame lately and we’re loving revisiting this age-old skill. I have memories of (not-so-chic) macrame products made using rough jute cords in the 1970s. It’s refreshing to see that contemporary macrame products have a little more elegance to them! Our DIY macrame plant holder is simple to make even if you have never tried macrame before. And the great thing about macrame is that if you do make a mistake or don’t like your design, you can simply undo the knots and start again – easy!

We like to use soft natural cord for our macrame projects, so cotton clothesline is perfect. For this project we used 6 x 180″ lengths of 7/16″ cord which made a plant holder large enough to hold a 10″ copper plant pot. You can use our tutorial with different lengths of cord and different thicknesses to create a macrame plant holder that suits your space. Begin by gathering your materials, including a strong metal ring to hang your plant holder from. Any macrame project is best created when your cord is secured at the top before you start. If you prefer to stand while you make your macrame project, then try securing the metal ring to a hook on the back of a door. Or you can secure it to a table leg if you’re more of a “sit on the floor” crafter. Either way, setting yourself up comfortably before you begin will make the process much easier.

Thread all 6 cords through the metal ring to half-way, then wrap securely with a 20″ length of the same cord. Glue at both ends and tuck into itself for a clean finish. Gather the strands into 3 sets of 4 and you can then start to braid the cord using a simple square knot as shown in the step-by-step photo tutorial below. Once each set has 6 square knots tied, split the cords again into 3 sets of 4 as shown in step 7. Continue to tie square knots about 7″ below the end of the last row of knots. Once each new set has 6 square knots tied, split the cords again into 3 sets of 4 and tie 4 square knots. Repeat this process once more and then secure all 12 cords at the end with another 20″ length of cord. Trim the ends to the length desired and your DIY macrame plant holder is ready! Ours finished hanger is about 28″ long.

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Macrame Plant HolderMacrame Plant Holder