embroidered felt ornaments It’s Ornamentary, My Dear

Fall in love with felt! Our embroidered felt ornaments are a must-craft this holiday season. If you’re new to embroidery, watch our DIY embroidered t-shirt video for a little extra help with the basics. These ornaments are a wonderful heirloom accessory to add to your own personal collection and make for beautiful handcrafted holiday gifts as well! Merry Christmas, crafters! 




  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut out the felt pieces (two of each shape).
  3. Follow the template to draw the details with your iron-on transfer pencil, then iron the shapes onto your light colored felt. Use the marker to draw the design on your darker felt.
  4. Make a double cross-stitch by first stitching vertically, then stitch across to create a cross shape.
  5. To finish the double cross-stitch, create two more stitches between the previous stitches, creating a star-like shape.
  6. Create a back stitch by making a stitch on the stem of the leaf pattern. Leave a small gap and pull your thread through as shown.
  7. Finish the back stitch by bringing the thread back, filling in the gap. Repeat this process down the stem.
  8. Stitch side to side to fill in in the leaves, creating a satin stitch.
  9. To create the dots in the design, make a french knot by first wrapping thread around your needle three times.
  10. Finish the french knot by pulling the loops tight, then poke the needle down and through your felt next to the previous hole. Pull tight and knot it off on the backside of the felt.
  11. Use a back stitch to create lines across the felt.
  12. Create french knots at the end of each line.
  13. Sew the two sides of your ornament together with a blanket stitch, making sure to leave an open gap.
  14. Take a piece of embroidery floss to make a loop and tie a knot at the bottom. Glue this knot to the inside of your felt ornament so that the loop is hanging out.
  15. Fill your felt ornament with polyfill.
  16. Finish sewing up the opening.


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