Our embroidery projects just keep on growing, thanks to Emily! This month’s collection includes this super cute DIY craft — an embroidered felt insect banner. If you didn’t know, we have a fondness for little critters like the ones featured on this banner and have made ladybugs, moths, and more out of paper and felt.

When you’re ready to get started, check out our tools and materials list below. Then download our pattern and tutorial to start crafting.

embroidered felt insect banner

You don’t have to wing it

Due to all the embroidery involved, we would say this is more of an intermediate project. But hopefully our tutorial still makes it a lot simpler for you to craft on your own! That’s always our goal with any DIY craft on our site, and you can always comment below if you have any questions.

When you’re done crafting your embroidered felt insect banner, be sure to share photos with us! We think it would make really cute kid’s decor, whether it’s hanging in a bedroom or playroom.

Skill level: Intermediate

Embroidery stitches used: Backstitch, stem stitch, satin stitch, split stitch, straight stitch, chain stitch, french knot, and lazy daisy. For extra guidance on some of these stitches, check out our free embroidery guide.



How to Make an Embroidered Felt Insect Banner

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the template below.
  2. Print templates on Sulky Stick n’ Stitch Printable Water Soluble Stabilizer.
  3. Place base template onto Cotton Felt and cut around the dotted line to create the banner shape.
  4. Stitch the bug legs in according to the template.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

embroidered felt insect banner photo tutorial by Lia Griffith

handmade embroidered felt insect banner

embroidered felt insect banner
embroidered felt bug

embroidered felt insect

embroidered felt moth

embroidered felt dragonfly

embroidered felt beetle

embroidered felt insect banner

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