hand-stitched felt embroidery luna moth

The moth beautiful creature of the night

A majority of moths are most active at night. Plus there’s something about them that feels a bit spooky. So these two things combined make them feel like a natural fit when it comes to Halloween decor. 

While moths can be colorful, the luna moth is known for its pale or lime green wings with dark purplish edges. Emily used two shades of green for the wings of her embroidered felt luna moth plus a little bit of vanilla felt for the body. She also chose a pretty purple for the leaves and a dark indigo blue to represent the night sky. You’re always welcome to play around with the felt (and floss) colors you choose for your project! 

If you’d like, you can also make the embroidered felt luna moth on its own and use it however you want. Creating it on the hoop with some background details just makes it easy to hang up and use as wall decor. As always, share your version with us on our crafters community page or by using the hashtag #MadeWithLia on Instagram or Facebook.

Embroidery stitches used: Satin, stem, split, and backstitch. 

How to Make an Embroidered Felt Luna Moth

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the pattern above.
  2. Print pattern out on Sulky Stick n Stitch, then cut out the pattern.
  3. Place the lower wings on Pistachio colored felt and follow the stitch guide to complete.
  4. Place the upper wings on Pale Jade colored felt and follow the stitch guide to complete. 

Full tutorial available for members to download above.

felt embroidered luna moth tutorial by Lia Griffith

embroidered felt luna moth felt luna moth embroidery hoop DIY embroidered felt luna moth felt moth embroidery

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