EmbroideryThreadBracelets1Here is a super creative, easy, and inexpensive way to make your own embroidery floss bracelets. Now we finally have a cute accessory to pair with our beautiful copper necklaces! Have you ever wondered what to do with those plastic rings that scarves come on when you buy them from clothing stores? Well it turns out that they are the exact size for making some homemade bangle bracelets. 

You will only need two materials to make these easy bangle bracelets: embroidery floss and the plastic scarf rings. To get the scarf rings, we simply went to our local department store as asked if they had any extras at the register. They gave them to us for free, how lucky! Talk about a great idea for an upcycling project. Choose your favorite colors of embroidery floss to make your bracelets. You should be able to find a nice selection of embroidery floss at your local fabric store. We made five bracelets in total using copper, silver, gold, teal, and then a teal and silver striped bracelet. Make embroidery floss bracelets to match the season or to match your favorite outfits! There are so many options to play around with. You can make solid colored bangles or fun patterns like stripes in alternating colors. Or how about a cute red, white, and blue one for Fourth of July? All that it takes to make these bracelets is an alternating half hitch knot. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial for a visual guide to make these knots.

Making these embroidery floss bracelets would be a great activity to do with your kids for a crafting afternoon, with your campers at a summer camp, or to give as a gift! Browse our other DIY jewelry projects for more style inspiration, or take a look at some of our upcycling projects to see what other beautiful things you can make out of regular household items! Share your projects with me by sending photos into hello@liagriffith.com or tagging me in your Instagram photos. I love seeing all your crafty creations! ~ Lia  

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