To create this Embroidery Floss Wrapped Keychain, you need only a few tools and materials. In fact, this craft is so easy, it's a great intro activity for any crafty kiddos looking to branch out on their own. Be mindful of the scissors, of course! Once you've gathered your tools and materials, meet us down in the tutorial!

There's a unique joy in crafting, and projects like this Embroidery Floss Wrapped Keychain remind me of that. While I'm always up for a big craft challenge, it's the simplicity and satisfaction of mastering the basics that truly brings me comfort and a sense of peace.

When choosing our embroidery floss for this project, we wanted to lean into the vibrant, tropical hues that come to mind when picturing Latin America. The deep blue of the sky, tropical flowers in gorgeous shades of pink, and the bright, burning orange of the sunset all combine to make a truly unique accessory. However, we encourage you to create an Embroidery Floss Wrapped Keychain that speaks to your summer fantasies.

We think these Embroidery Floss Wrapped Keychains would make a great party favor for your Cinco De Mayo celebration or maybe a cute "just because" gift for someone special. And hey, if your kiddos are itching to get in on the craft action, welcome them with open arms! Crafting, after all, is a gift best shared.

We can't wait to see your colorful Embroidery Flossed Wrapped Keychain creations! Share your amazing pics with us in our crafters' community. Or, tag us with the hashtag #MadeWithLia on Instagram.