Paper flower craft is my main passion, and sharing new and interesting paper flower designs gets me totally over-excited! Today I am pleased to be sharing my Fall Spider Mum Wreath, the perfect Fall wreath for a covered front door, mantle or window. The pattern and tutorial for the flower can be found in this earlier post, you can download and then create your own DIY wreath. It’s a surprisingly simple pattern that involves cutting lots of tiny, thin spidery strands into your paper rounds. By layering those rounds together, you begin to form that deep, textured bloom that is perfect for adding to a Fall wreath!

I used metallic paper for this wreath which I love for the way the light bounces off it. Choose colors that you love – in my case, it’s a mix of deep teals and dark reds. Mix the blooms with a bright green paper for the leaves, and your wreath will pop! 

If you love paper flower craft take a look at some of my other designs. And if you get to making one of my paper flower designs I would love to see your work! Share pictures with me over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and I will share my favorites. See you there! ~ Lia