This felt and wooden bead garland is a breeze to put together; we consider it very beginner-friendly. However, given the thickness of the felt after fusing two sheets, we recommend cutting the leaves by hand using our PDF template. Though a cutting machine is an option, the rustic handmade look makes this piece especially charming. Before getting started, you’ll want to first check out our list of tools and materials to the right. 

Garlands have long been a symbol of celebration and festivity, so they’re perfect for adding a little holiday cheer to your indoor decor. Dating back to ancient times, garlands were once made of flowers and sometimes fruit to celebrate various occasions. However, in modern times, they’re more commonly associated with Christmas and other winter holidays. Our Felt and Wooden Bead Magnolia Leaf Garland is a fun twist on the traditional variety. The warm wood tones and lush green leaves make for a truly versatile piece you can use in your home all year round!

Inspired by nature, we wanted to keep this felt and wooden bead garland as simple as possible to highlight its effortless beauty. So, we chose our wool blend felt in evergreen and hazelnut to give our magnolia leaves a rich contrast. To make them more realistic, we drew veins on each leaf with a Karin Brushmarker Pro in lush green. But, as you work on your garland, feel free to get creative by mixing up the colors and styles of beads or even adding a pop of color to the tails with different cord options. Another great thing about a project like this is that there’s very little risk in trying something new. If you don’t like what you’ve made, then just slide it off and try again!

We’d love to see your gorgeous garland creations. Share pics of your styled mantle or beautiful rustic tree using the hashtag #MadeWithLia on Instagram or within the crafters’ community.

Use high-temperature hot glue to secure the beads and leaves in place so you can use for years to come.