Heads UP! It looks like Bougainvillea might be spelled incorrectly in the photo below. 

For this month’s Member Make, we’ll be crafting a crepe paper bougainvillea, so we decided to make a felt version of this gorgeous flower as well! Striking and elegant, this Felt Bougainvillea is easy to make and very beginner friendly. A symbol of peace and welcome, this friendly plant will make a cheerful addition to your decor. 

For more felt flowers, take a peek at our collection. When you’re ready to get started on your felt bougainvillea, just download our pattern and follow the tutorial below. 

On Wednesdays, We Craft Pink

Vibrant pink bougainvillea in bloom may be a common image when one thinks of the French Riviera, but this lush tropical flower is actually native to Brazil. It’s an ornamental vine whose flowers are actually the three tiny white buds that bloom in the center of three pink bracts. A bract is a kind of specialty leaf that many admirers mistake for petals. We crafted our bougainvillea with our fuchsia-colored felt and drew on veins using a fuchsia paint pen to give it that classic look. To make the small white flowers at the plant’s center, we used our scallop scissors for the petal tips and a skewer to form the trumpet-like shape. 

We think this felt bougainvillea would look lovely in a small bud vase or perhaps in a hanging basket with a much longer cascading vine. How will you display yours? Let us take a look at your creation by posting photos in our crafters community or to Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia.