Fluent in Frenchie

Frenchies were once considered the height of Parisian fashion. Members of the French elite would often carry them as status symbols, and they became a stylish accessory for fancy French laps. Today, these compact dogs are known for their sweet, playful nature, adorable faces, and cute bat-like ears — all features we took into account when designing this handsome little fellow. To get that French bulldog look, we used a straight stitch pulled taut on the face to simulate wrinkles. We also used a brown marker to add some color to the fur around the face and ears.

We’d love to see your petit chien when you’re all finished, so be sure to share your creation with us. Post a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia or in our crafters’ community. 

Stitches used: blanket, whip, ladder, straight, and backstitch.