Don’t Be Jelly

A cute little jellyfish plush that won’t sting you? What’s not to love? Keeping the delicate structure of jellyfish in mind, this simple and elegant craft features the marine animal’s signature umbrella-shaped bell and a mix of flat and scalloped tentacles that hang below. We embellished our felt jellyfish with white seed beads to mimic their natural bioluminescence.

A few basic stitches bring this project together, which makes it great for our beginner to intermediate crafters.  Though we chose all one color of felt, you could easily mix and match in colors of your choosing. I can even see this little guy in rainbow colors for a fun twist! Once you’re finished, we think this craft would look great hanging on a loop to show off those pretty scalloped tentacles. 

Remember to show us what colors you used and how you chose to display your Felt Jellyfish in our crafters community. You can also share with us on Instagram with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. 

Stitches used: blanket, whip, ladder, and running stitch.