DIY felt pocket pal monsters

‘Lil Monsters

The detail on these felt monster pocket pals is incredible! Krista chose a variety of orange felt colors to make them more Halloween themed, but of course you can choose whatever felt colors you want. We can’t wait to see your version of these cute, little monsters, so make sure to share them on our Facebook page for members or by tagging #MadeWithLia on Instagram.

Stitches used: Blanket stitches, whip stitches, backstitch, satin stitch, and straight stitches. If you need more guidance on these stitches, check out our embroidery guide

Crafting Tips: Like the treetop pals, we recommend cutting the pieces for these felt woodland pocket pals by hand due to their small size. There is also a lot of small stitching involved. So if you’re interested in an easy no-sew version, you can assemble a flat version of the animals instead using tacky glue and a fine point fabric marker for the faces.

New to crafting felt animal stuffies and want to learn more? Take our mini course, 8 Easy Steps to Create Any Felt Stuffie.

How to Make Felt Monster Pocket Pals

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download our pattern below.
  2. Cut out felt according to pattern using a cutting machine (optional) or scissors.
  3. Whip stitch the felt details onto the monster heads and the lagoon monster’s body using 1 strand of floss to match the felt colors. You can also opt for a no-sew and instead use a small amount of tacky glue.
  4. Backstitch on mouths and short straight stitches for nostrils using 2 strands of black floss.

Full tutorial available for members to download.

felt monster pocket pals tutorial by Lia Griffith

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