There’s something so magical about fall, isn’t there? The changing leaves, the gorgeous colors, and that long-awaited nip in the air make this season one of my absolute favorites. Inspired by the flora and funga of autumn, this Felt Mushroom Medley Garland is a wonderful way to incorporate the feeling of fall into your home decor.

This cottage-inspired mushroom medley garland is super cute and, best of all, beginner-friendly! If you want to brush up on your embroidery skills, every stitch used, except for Rhodes, can be found in our Beginners Embroidery Course. And don’t worry; we’ll go over the proper technique for the Rhodes stitch in the PDF below.

Groovy Shroomy

This gorgeous garland has various mushrooms, acorns, and leaves strung on a length of cotton twine. To give it that fresh fall feeling, we stuck to a fairly autumnal color palette of earthy terracottas and tans, but you could easily substitute it with colors of your choice. I think this would look lovely with a few leaves of earthy green for a little pop color.  

Once finished, hang your garland on your mantle or drape it anywhere in need of a little mushroom magic. Remember to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #MadeWithLia, or share your photos in our crafters’ community.

Stitches used: whip, blanket, backstitch, fly, and Rhodes stitch.