Mama_Baby_Felt_Pinecone_FoxWe love our pinecone crafts, and by the looks of things, you guys do too! Our pinecone owl from last year is still so popular that we just had to create a couple new designs for this year. Make sure you check out our adorable pinecone and felt squirrel in this post. Simple and fun to make, our pinecone crafts are perfect projects for little fingers. Our felt fox pinecone is just as adorable as those little cheeky owls. All you need to do is to print out the pattern below and print it out on your computer. Use the templates to cut out your felt and assemble the fox by following our tutorial below. Feel free to mix up the colors to make an entire range of the cute little guys! 



If you are loving our pinecone crafts, why not take a look at our cheeky felt squirrel too? And don’t forget that you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what fun kids crafts we are sharing next. Happy making my crafty buddies. Enjoy! ~ Lia