Have I mentioned lately that I am in love with felt? There are so many fun felt projects coming out of our studio now days and this has to be one of my favorites. Working with a wool or wool blend felt is easy and the fiber is quite forgiving so a beautiful piece is achievable for even the beginner.

Felt_Burger_Fries_DIYPlay with your food!

For this felt burger and fries we have provided a printable pattern as well as a photo guide for each layer of your fat free and high-in-fiber burger and fries. What a fun handmade toy for any child! You can serve a felt hot dog along with your burgers, and how about felt donuts or ice cream bars for dessert? Be sure to check out all our felt food in order to stock your mini pantry and fridge! 

To craft this burger, you will need to know how to do a blanket stitch, straight/top stitch, and french knots — all of which you can learn how to do in our embroidery guide.



Felt_Burger_DIY_Fries Felt_Burger_Bun Felt_Burger Felt_Cheese Felt_Lettuce Felt_Tomato Felt_Onions Felt_French_Fries Burger_Fires_Felt

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