Felt PlumeriaDid you know that any one of our paper and felt flower blooms can be turned into a beautiful refrigerator magnet? We went down to our local hardware store and picked up some small circular magnets. All you have to do is use some hot glue to attach your bloom to the magnet and you have a DIY accessory for your fridge! This can be done with any of our flowers, but I decided that I should also design a new flower for this project. Introducing, the felt plumeria! I love these gorgeous flowers with their crisp white petals and sunny yellow centers that look like a painting. Let’s get tropical!

Below you will find the PDF template for the petals and leaves to make your felt plumeria. Print out this template and cut out each shape to use as a guide for cutting your felt. Next, choose your felt. We chose to make a white plumeria, but these flowers come in lots of different luscious colors. Be sure to also find a nice green color of felt for your leaves. After cutting your felt, use an art marker to add yellow to the petals. We used Winsor & Newton’s pigment marker in Lemon Yellow, and then mixed a hint of orange on top of the yellow to make it look more realistic. We have found that these markers are great for coloring on felt. Now you can assemble the petals together to form the bloom. To do this, use a basic needle and white thread to sew the base of each petal together, then tighten to resemble the overlapping look of a real plumeria. Follow the step-by-step photo tutorial below to help you through this step! Add some glue along one side of each petal to create a small fold (see photos). To finish your felt plumeria, add a bit of hot glue between the overlapping petals to attach them to each other. This will make the bloom stay open without the petals drooping. To turn this flower into a magnet, glue a magnetic disk to the bottom of the bloom, then add your leaves.

Turning a flower into a magnet is as simple as that! I think a gardenia bloom or ranunculus would also make for lovely refrigerator magnets. As you can see, we used our felt plumeria magnets to add a little dose of pretty to our white desk lamp. Or, use these felt plumerias to make decor for your tropical party or summer lu’au. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for glimpses of our daily DIYs, and take a look at our membership options to never miss a project! Enjoy! ~ Lia

Felt PlumeriaFelt PlumeriaFelt_Plumeria_0003