You can find a cute pair of reindeer antlers in many stores this time of year, but there is something quite special about this hand stitched, wool felt holiday head wear.  You can download and print our pattern below and use the notes on the pattern to cut your wool felt pieces. We used a gold embroidery thread to blanket stitch the two layers of felt together and add a little sparkle. You can then insert a floral wire to keep your antlers standing high and add a little batting to form them into their 3D shapes. Slide the wire loop of the antlers onto the headband and stitch the final edges closed to keep them snug on the band. You can also add a touch of hot glue for extra security. For the ears, fold and blanket stitch in gold around the edges, leaving just enough open on each end to slide the ears onto the headband. Glue into place if needed. You can finish your headband by  adding a detail stitch on each ear and gluing mini jingle bells onto the tips of your antlers.

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This project is one of those that will be worn and treasured for years to come. Enjoy! ~ Lia