felted penguins Artfully Antarctic

Remember these sweet-as-can-be penguin pals? They’re back and they’re cuter than ever before! In Lia’s latest Craft School video tutorial, learn how to create a few of these fuzzy friends — so simple and fun! Take a peek at our original project post, gather the supplies listed below, and craft along with the video below. 

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  1. Flatten the wider end of your egg by pushing it against a table.
  2. Using a felting needle, poke white roving felt into your egg.
  3. With the foam block underneath, form a ball with your felting needle, leaving some loose felt on one side.
  4. Put this felted ball on top of your egg, with the loose felt coming down around the body.
  5. Fold the beak felt in half, glue it into a cone shape, then glue it onto the head.
  6. Wrap black roving felt up around the beak and secure underneath with the felting needle.
  7. Take the remaining loose ends of your black felt and make half circles around where the eyes will be placed.
  8. Fill in the rest of the head with black felt.
  9. Continue to fill in the head until you are unable to see any of the white felt underneath.
  10. The black felt should form a hood with white half circles for the eyes.
  11. Glue the eyes to your head.
  12. Then glue a light gray wing under a white wing.
  13. Next, glue the feet and wings to the body as shown.
  14. Cut slits at the ends of the scarf and wrap around the penguin’s neck.
  15. Place the small iceberg piece on top of the larger one and use a running stitch to attach along the edge.
  16. Use a blanket stitch to attach the iceberg pieces.
  17. Stuff your iceberg with a bit of Poly-Fill.

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