Shroom With a View

Channel your inner forest fairy with these tiny felted toadstools. Our designer Jessica has a knack for coming up with cute and whimsical felting concepts. For these mushrooms, she’s created a simple step-by-step tutorial that will make it easy for you to make your very own. Never tried felting before? This is the perfect first project to tackle. Small, simple, and straightforward – make shroom for some felting in your life!

Tools & Materials


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above.
  2. Cut your styrofoam ball in half and cut 1” off the bottom of the cone. Foam balls can be replaced with the core wool and it will keep your needles sharper longer.
  3. Needle red felt roving on the top of the ball half.
  4. Needle white felt roving on the bottom of the ball half.
  5. Needle white felt dots on the mushroom cap.
  6. Trim any stray fibers around the cap.
  7. Wrap white roving around the cone and felt.
  8. Trim any stray fibers.
  9. Insert a toothpick halfway into the center of the cone and then place the cap on top. Secure with a hot glue.


When felting these toadstools, the styrofoam knife is optional – it can also be substituted for an X-acto knife. Figure out what’s most comfortable for your crafting process!

There’s Shroom for More!

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