Painted Easter EggsEco-Friendly Easter Eggs

We love coming up with new and unique Easter egg projects, but sometimes you just have to stick with the classics. The two most popular egg decorating techniques are using dye or paint, and today we’re making painted Easter eggs with unfinished wooden eggs we found online. You can easily free-hand your painted designs, or you can use some of the simple tricks below to make them look extra adorable. This project is especially great for kids because they get a chance to explore their imagination to come up with patterns and color palettes. Before starting this activity with your little ones, we recommend putting down some newspaper or butcher paper to protect your tables!

Tools & Materials

  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter’s Tape or Washi Tape
  • Eraser Heads
  • Wooden Eggs
  • Acrylic Craft Paints

Egg Painting Techniques & Tips

We found our eggs on Amazon (link in materials list), but you should be able to find basic wooden eggs at your local craft stores. We specifically got fillable eggs so that we could use them for an Easter egg hunt. Wooden eggs are fantastic because they will never break, so you can keep these for years to come. We also like that they are more eco-friendly than using regular plastic eggs. Once you have your eggs ready, gather some tape and pencils to help you decorate.

Stick the tape in areas where you want to create straight lines for a geometric look. You can reference our photos for inspiration! The nice thing about getting fillable eggs is that you can use the cut line as a way to paint color blocks. To make the polka dot eggs, we dipped the back of an eraser in paint and stamped it onto the wood. Super easy! Just make sure you are using a generous amount of paint to get solid dots. We also recommend adding some monochromatic painted eggs into your arrangement for vibrant pops of color. When you’re finished, you can stick your painted Easter eggs into your kids’ Easter baskets, use them for an Easter egg hunt or create a cute Easter display for your holiday decor.

What Next?

If you’re putting together an Easter egg hunt, be sure to find our printable kit to set the scene. For more Easter craft ideas that you can make with your kids, take a look at our favorite easy Easter kid’s craft tutorials. Browse all of our Easter projects for more inspiration, and stay tuned as we continue sharing new Easter DIYs leading up to the holiday. Mark your calendars because on April 11, 2017 I’ll be appearing on the 9am hour of The Today Show sharing my design ideas for both a kid’s and adult Easter brunch table! Can’t wait to see you there. You might even see these painted Easter eggs on the show! 😉 ~ Lia & Team

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