Kid's Crafts for EasterFun Easter Crafts to Make with your Kids!

Holidays are always a perfect time for crafting with your favorite little ones. You can get them in the holiday spirit while keeping them engaged and occupied with simple and colorful projects. Here is our (growing) list of our favorite kid’s crafts for easter. A lot of our easy Easter crafts include preciously adorable farm animal designs and Easter egg ideas, so pick which projects appeal to you most and make a trip to your local craft store for the supplies! 

1. Farm Animal Easter Eggs

The most popular craft project for Easter is always decorating Easter eggs, and there are way more possibilities than just painting them. We created a set of printable templates to create adorable farm animals with your eggs! Start with a set of hollowed out eggs (or hollow them out yourself), then glue on ears and faces to make lambs, bunnies, ducks and chicks. Or, use this project as inspiration to create your own characters! 

Kids Easter Egg decorations

2. Woodland Animal Easter Eggs

Another set of Easter eggs that you can make are woodland themed. If you prefer owl, fox and bear designs over farm animals, this is the project for you! We cut the pieces for these eggs entirely with Fiskars punches, so it’s also a safer Easter craft for younger kids. 

3. Felt Easter Eggs

If your kids love crafting with felt, they can easily make a set of felt Easter eggs for your holiday celebration. This project is super easy to customize with their favorite colors or patterns, so it gives them a chance to explore their creativity. Our tutorial instructs you to sew the felt together, but we recommend using tacky glue if you are crafting with younger children. 

4. Easter Egg Hunt Printables

Once you craft your different Easter eggs, you are well on your way to planning your annual Easter egg hunt! Set up a treasure hunt with our printable signs like “hop to it!” and “follow me!” You can even laminate the signs to keep them fresh for years to come. 

5. Upcycled Easter Basket

While participating in an Easter egg hunt, you will of course need a basket to gather your eggs. There is no need to buy an Easter basket when you can easily make one as a perfect Easter craft for kids! All you will need is a paper grocery bag to make a DIY Easter basket that you can recycle after the holiday is over. 

6. Yarn Pom Pom Animals

Kid’s crafts for Easter often involve adorable little farm animals (like our farm animal Easter eggs above!), and our yarn pom pom farm animals are perfect for older kids with longer attention spans for crafting. Use yarn, felt and some wiggle eyes to make bunnies, chicks, sheep and ducks that you can display around your home as holiday decor. 

7. Easter Coloring Pages

If you are looking for easy Easter crafts that will also keep the kids occupied with limited supervision, it doesn’t get much easier that coloring book pages. Coloring pages are great for kids of all ages, plus the activity encourages development of fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. Print these out as a project to build excitement for the upcoming holiday, or use them to entertain your kids on Easter day. 

8. Bunny and Lamb Ears

Kids love dressing up in costumes, so why not encourage them to dress up as adorable Easter bunnies on the holiday! You can craft a little cotton tail out of a yarn pom pom, and then make a set of bunny ears to complete the look. There is also a template for lamb ears in that same post if you want some variety. 

9. Easter Candy Huggers

Holidays are always a good time to indulge in treats, and somehow kids always know to expect it. To add a special touch to your Easter chocolates and candies, you and your little ones can craft a set of Easter candy huggers. This Easter craft is easy for kids to cut out, and they can also color in the faces of the candy huggers with marker. Once they are finished, your kids can bring them in to hand out at school. 

DIY Easter Candy

10. Easter Goodie Bags

If you are hosting an Easter celebration, you can always impress your guests (especially the younger ones!) with party favor bags. Enlist the help of your kids to cut out these adorable Easter goodie bags and fill them with treats, like the candy huggers above. 

11. Easter Bunny Hats

Turn a DIY paper party hat into something that the kids will go hopping mad for! See the full tutorial and download the pattern here

There are so many great kid’s crafts for Easter, so feel free to get creative with this inspiration! You can browse all of our Easter projects for more beautiful DIYs to incorporate into your holiday decor. We always love hearing your ideas, so add your project requests and suggestions in the comments below. Head over to our membership page to start downloading, or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for daily doses of DIY. Happy Easter! ~ Lia & Team