DIY Christmas Stockings

Almost all of the fabrics that we used for our DIY Christmas stockings were Woolies Flannel by Bonnie Sullivan for Maywood Studios, which we found at Fabric Depot. For the tops of the stockings, we used a combination of leather and faux fur. You will also need a bit of interfacing for these stockings. The insides of the stockings are lined on both sides with interfacing to add body and make them a bit less flimsy. Once you have your materials, start your project by printing the PDF template for the DIY Christmas stockings below. The template will show you how to cut out each piece of fabric, and the printable instructions will give you all the measurements you need.

We used our Baby Lock sewing machine to add the contrasting heel and toe with a satin stitch. A satin stitch is basically like a very tight zig zag stitch – it is wide across and short in length. In order to add the tops of the stocking, we suggest referencing our tips for sewing with leather in this post, and our tips for sewing with faux fur in this post. Download the printable instructions, and follow our step-by-step photo tutorial as you craft your DIY Christmas stockings!

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