Crepe Paper Poinsettias
Poinsettias are the ultimate Christmas flower, and now that we have our Winter Garden Collection of heavy crepe paper, we couldn’t wait to show off our new design for crepe paper poinsettias. This is our first crepe paper poinsettia, so we had to make it a good one! Poinsettias generally come in white and red, which fits perfectly with our holiday color palette. We used 6 out of the 10 colors to bring these crepe poinsettias to life, but you can really use any of the colors in the 10 pack. We especially love heavy crepe paper for poinsettias because the deep veins give it the gorgeous thick texture that you see in real poinsettias.



In our photos you can see the colors Snowflake, Egg Nog, Cherry (formerly named Peppermint), Ruby (formerly named Holly Berry), Merlot (formerly named Bordeaux), and Juniper (formerly named Pistachio). You can use other shades of green, such as Basil (formerly named Spearmint) and Evergreen (formerly named Pine) to create some variation in the leaves of your crepe paper poinsettias. Be sure to browse all of our papers in our shop

We would consider this an intermediate level project, but we absolutely encourage you to try it out even if you are a beginner. Unlike other crepe paper flowers, you won’t have to stretch the paper at all for this project.

UPDATE: We no longer carry the Floristic 10-Pack as shown in the video below. You can use our single rolls of crepe paper listed above!

Once you finish your poinsettias, you can use them for all kinds of holiday styling. Create a gorgeous wreath to hang on your front door, or use them to elevate your gift wrapping this year. Look forward to plenty more poinsettia tutorials for making a stunning holiday. Browse all of our projects using our crepe paper!

Crepe Paper Poinsettias