Paper Poinsettia Wreath

You will start your wreath by crafting your crepe poinsettias. Get the heavy crepe paper in our shop, then head over to this post to find the template and video tutorial to make the poinsettias. You will also see your materials list on the page. After you finish the flowers, you will need a wreath form, which we stock in our shop. To assemble your paper poinsettia wreath, simply stick the floral wire stems into the form. We left our stems about 2 inches long. You can also secure with hot glue after orienting the poinsettias.

Because the poinsettias are large blooms, you can make a wreath with just these flowers, like you see in our photos. If you prefer a paper poinsettia wreath with fewer blooms, you can fill it out with the pretty leaves from our magnolia leaf wreath. Browse the rest of our wreath options on the site for more variety, including our felt holly wreath or our paper evergreen wreath.

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