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Fun fact — the woolly sunflower is also known as Oregon Sunshine. So for our crepe paper woolly sunflowers, I chose a vibrant golden yellow. This color is perfect for summer weddings and other celebrations where you want to stand out. I could also see it working for an outdoor wedding in the fall or springtime. If you're getting married during winter, I think our crepe paper evergreen wreath would make a gorgeous flower crown.

In addition to using these crepe paper woolly sunflowers for your flower crown, you could also craft them to use as table decor or as cake decor. Another option for your cake is to make these pretty floral cake toppers.

If you have any questions while crafting, let us know! We would love to see your paper flower crown (or if you use these flowers for something else). So be sure to tag your pictures on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MadeWithLia. Enjoy!

How to Make Crepe Paper Woolly Sunflowers for Your Flower Crown

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the flower pattern at the end of the post.
  2. Stretch a piece of crepe paper 250% and press flat. Cut eight petals for each sunflower for your crown.
  3. With your yellow marker, slightly darker the crepe paper; color top edge of each petal, blending toward center.
  4. Cut two centers with the grain vertical on the short side. Use pinking shears on top edge, and then re-cut with pinking shears to create a  small jagged edge.

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DIY step by step photo tutorial for crepe paper woolly sunflower head wreath
crepe paper woolly sunflowers on head wreath
crepe paper woolly sunflower head wreath
handmade crepe paper woolly sunflower head wreath
handmade flower crown with crepe paper woolly sunflowers
DIY head wreath with crepe paper woolly sunflowers
crepe paper woolly sunflower flower crown
DIY flower crown with crepe paper woolly sunflowers

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