Super-Simple Paper Succulents!

I am officially in love with paper succulents! This is a tutorial to make simple paper succulents using a variety of card stock papers and my cutting machine. Of course, you can cut them by hand which would give an even more natural look, but I am a busy girl so this is a perfect cutting machine project for me. For this project, I picked a textured card stock with polka dots in several different colors, felted card stock, and a pale lavender wash paper. You can choose your own color palette of deep greens, pale spring greens, sage blues, plums, and lavenders that inspire you. My initial project for these succulents was the wreath from yesterday’s post. Today I am showing you how you can use one simple succulent in a little pot or add multiple paper plants to almost any container for a gorgeous arrangement. For all of these arrangements, I used a simple piece of floral foam that I that fit nicely into the container. You can cut your foam for the best fit. I then covered the foam with small pebbles or moss and with the floral pins built right into each succulent, attached them right into the foam. If you are making these for bridal bouquets or bouts, you can replace the pin with a floral wire. For the wreath project, I used a round green foam wreath. There is a photo of it at the end of this post. Below you will find the step-by-step tutorial of all four plants. Remember you can add variety by using different colors of paper and changing the size for larger and smaller plants. At the end of the post is a download of the PDF and SVG pattern for these succulent plants.  Enjoy! ~ Lia