French Gift Tags Gift WrapFrench Gift Wrap Gift TagsToday I am sharing printables for these French inspired black and white gift tags and two very colorful gift wraps. I love the contrast of black and white with the bright colors and thought this set would be a great mid-summer inspiration for you. Here is the background story of these designs. A year ago in June, my daughter, Emily turned 18. She wanted a birthday brunch where I would make her favorite quiche and mini blueberry cheesecakes, so I decided to go with a French cuisine and therefore a French inspired design. I created these tags and wrap for all of her gifts and to decorate her birthday brunch. The tags included a few of our favorite quotes and touched on the connection we had as a solo parent and only child. I included 18 paper poppies for her 18 years, since poppies are one of her favorite flowers. I used them to top gifts and decorate the party. It is a sweet memory for me. . . and my baby is now an adult. Below is a collage of her lovely turning-of-age birthday brunch. At the end of the post you can download the tags and the gift wrap to create your own set of sweet memories. One last thing. . . for those who want to tie perfectly straight and pretty bows like you see in these photos, you can refer to this video tutorial. Cheers! ~ Lia