Think Outside the Box this Year

There are 60 projects all together in my Cutting Machine Crafts book, including this frosted paper boxwood wreath. I created this book to inspire those of you with a cutting machine (or those of you who want a cutting machine!) to make beautiful DIY projects. I started using a cutting machine just five years ago, and it truly makes a world of difference when crafting.

So if you just got a new cutting machine for Christmas, your birthday, or some other holiday, this is the book to get as it allows you to explore and create a variety of paper projects. In the book, you’ll find DIY home décor, paper flowers and plants, fun party décor, and more. And of course you can always sign up for a crafting membership, if you haven’t done so already!

No matter what you like to craft, or what your skill level is, we’re here to inspire you and encourage you to explore your creative side. We’re also here to help! So if you have any questions along the way, just reach out to us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Happy new year—and happy crafting, as always! ~Lia and team

Cutting Machine Crafts book by Lia Griffith on paper leaves and flowers

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