For our celestial theme this July, we couldn’t help but create a few different moon and star crafts to hang up on the wall. Designed by Lindsay, this frosted paper celestial wall art was so fun for me to assemble. And it’s really easy too.

Simply cut out the template or SVG file below and layer the designs however you want to — then attach with glue, foam mount dots, or embroidery floss. With the gold hoops as your base, it will look like the stars are twinkling around your moon!

frosted paper celestial wall art with moon and stars

Shine Bright

This celestial wall art would look pretty in a living room, bedroom, or kid’s room. If you’re putting it in a kid’s room, it might also be fun to create a campfire out of fabric or felt as well as our kid’s play tent. This way they can pretend they’re camping under the night sky. Otherwise, you can hang this up in another room and place our celestial lilies nearby.

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How to Make Celestial Wall Art

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the pattern below. 
  2. Cut a variety of shapes and sizes using the pattern below with scissors or a personal cutting machine.
  3. With hot glue, attach the larger moon behind the gold hoop and smaller moon on top of the hoop.
  4. Using the Lark’s Head knot, tie three strands of gold embroidery floss onto each hoop.
  5. To design your wall art, arrange and layer stars around each hoop and floss. Tip: Snap a photo with your phone to remember your arrangement while you assemble.
  6. Attach each star layer to the star below with a 3D foam mount.
  7. Either use hot glue or a 3D foam mount for each star layer to attach to the moon, hoop, or floss.
  8. Tie slip knots at ends of each strand of floss.

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