frosted paper forget-me-nots

An unforgettable DIY craft

Though we have made these tiny blooms out of felt for a head wreath, this is our first paper version with an actual stem. Because the pieces are so tiny and there are a lot of flowers to assemble, we recommend using a cutting machine for these frosted paper forget-me-nots. Otherwise, you can always cut them by hand using detail scissors.

Since we are loving the lilac color for spring this year, Meagan chose to make these frosted paper forget-me-nots using a light purple shade from our Berry pack. If you prefer to make your flowers a more true blue, you could always use white paper instead and color your petals. Or do a mix of blue, purple, and white!

Skill level: Advanced due to working with very small pieces

Crafting Tips: The needle nose tweezers will be necessary to handle and place the small pieces of the flowers especially when gluing onto the wire. When using the steel ball shaping tools with paper or cardstock alway using a soft surface that has some give. I like to use a folded up piece of scrap felt, an ironing board also works great.

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How to Make Frosted Paper Forget-me-nots

  1. Gather your tools and materials. Then download our flower pattern below.
  2. On a soft surface, press into each petal on the flower using the smallest steel ball shaping tool. I folded up a scrap piece of felt for my soft surface.
  3. Flip the flower over and press the steel ball tool into the center of the flower.
  4. Place a center into the middle of the flower using white glue to attach. Then use the smallest steel ball tool to press it into the flower center.

Full tutorial available for members to download below.

frosted paper forget me not tutorial by Lia Griffith

DIY frosted paper forget-me-not flowers

frosted paper forget-me-nots

handmade forget-me-nots

paper forget-me-nots

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