We can’t have a tropical collection without some exotic flowers! Along with our crepe paper bird of paradise, Meagan has designed a frosted paper pincushion protea that is absolutely exquisite. Although it looks detailed and delicate, it is easy to make. But we do recommend using a cutting machine since there are so many fine pieces and intricate cuts. 

If you don’t have a cutting machine, we have also included a printable template if you want to cut this flower by hand.

DIY frosted paper pincushion protea

We’re pro paper flowers

There is really no limit on creativity when it comes to making paper flowers! For your frosted paper pincushion protea, you can use the same colors we did or try something different. Typically these flowers are various shades of pink, red, white, cream, and yellow, but you can use whatever combination of colors you would like.

Skill level: Beginner

Crafting tips: We recommend using a high-temp hot glue gun as it works best with our frosted paper. If cutting with a Cricut, make sure to use a fresh mat and sharp blade. We used the cut setting “Copy Paper” and then changed the pressure to more. Also, pay close attention to the stacking order of the petals! Stacking order is A – B – B – E – C – C – F – D – E – D – F.

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How to Make a Frosted Paper Pincushion Protea

  1. Gather your craft tools and materials. Then download the flower pattern below.
  2. Cut paper according to template using scissors or a cutting machine.
  3. Curl pieces A, B, C, and D using a curling tool.
  4. Use your fingers to make the curls tighter on pieces B and C.

Full tutorial available for members below.

Photo tutorial for frosted paper pincushion protea by Lia Griffith

frosted paper pincushion protea and paper monstera leaves
DIY frosted paper pincushion protea
frosted paper pincushion protea flowers
paper pincushion protea
frosted paper pincushion protea
pincushion protea flowers made out of paper
handmade frosted paper pincushion protea
frosted paper pincushion protea bouquet
DIY paper pincushion protea and monstera leaf

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