If you follow us on Instagram, then you may have seen a sneak peek of this DIY craft! Our videographer Brittany, who is a beginner crafter, thought it would be fun to try making this geometric macrame coaster and film herself while crafting it for the first time. It just goes to show that part of the creative process includes making mistakes so you can learn from them and improve. Also sometimes a mistake while crafting can lead to a result you love!

To help you make this geometric macrame coaster that Meagan designed, we have created a video tutorial for you to follow along with.

geometric macrame trivet and coaster (video)

Coast along

As shown by Brittany in her Instagram reel, you can use our geometric macrame coaster for just about anything! While most people would probably use it for their mugs, we also think it would be cute underneath a potted plant — whether it’s real or made out of paper or felt. We made one a little larger for this purpose, but you can also make it even bigger if you would like. Just make sure to read our crafting tip below on how to do this!

Skill level: Intermediate

Crafting tips: For a 5″ coaster (the one shown in the video), you will need five 10-ft. lengths of macrame cord. For a larger coaster, tie additional cords to the first cord shown at 35 seconds in the video. You will want to add 6 inches to the length of all cords per cord added. For example, if you’re using 9 cords instead of 5, you will want to cut nine 12-ft. cords. Make sure all cords are centered on the first cord they are attached to. You will need to be pretty consistent in how tight you are tying the knots, and make sure you keep everything straight.

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