To incorporate our Christmas wall art into your holiday home decor, print onto 8.5 x 11 white cardstock. The special thing about this wall art is that we foiled it using our laminating machine, which is surprisingly affordable (we found ours on Amazon). If you want to use a laminator to foil the prints, you will need to print them with a laser printer so that the foil can fuse with the toner. The basic process is: print the art pieces with a laser printer, stick the foil over the area you would like, then send it through the laminator. Peel away the excess foil and there you have it! 

The foil will stick to any area with ink, so be sure to only put foil over the areas you want foiled. We foiled with gold over the “Merry & Bright” phrase, plus some of the gold trees in the prints. If you do not have a laminting machine, no need to worry. The art print is gorgeous as is with its faux gold foil accents. After foiling our Christmas wall art we decided to frame them with simple frames from Ikea. Because these prints are 8.5 x 11, it is very easy to find a good selection of frames.

If you want to try out more foiling projects with your laminator, head over to our foiled inspirational wall art. Browse all of our Christmas projects for holiday decor ideas, and stay tuned for more projects that you can use to give your home a holiday revamp! Cheers ~ Lia and the Team