WoodEnvelopesLabels3So, you and your fiance have finally agreed on using a rustic theme for your upcoming wedding. Glad you got that out of the way! Now the real planning begins. Step 1: Choose a wedding date. Step 2: Send out your Save the Date cards! Save the dates are important to ensure that your guests do not make any other big plans on your special day. Our herb and woodgrain save the dates are perfect for a rustic themed wedding! After you have your save the dates printed and ready for mailing, we even have these beautiful matching woodgrain envelopes and herb mailing labels to send them out.

There are two options of woodgrain envelopes in the download below: one in a kraft color, and one in seafoam green. Print the PDF onto regular printer paper or card stock. Printer paper will make the envelope easier to fold, but card stock will be sturdier in the mail. Once you cut out the woodgrain envelopes, fold the two side flaps in first, then fold the lower flap upward. Use glue or a glue dot roller to secure the lower flap to the two side flaps. Fold down the upper flap and the envelope is ready for sending! These envelopes are A2 size, which will match the herb and woodgrain pattern save the date cards. 

To edit the matching rustic herb mailing labels, start by downloading the free font Museo 300. Input your personal details with this font, and then print the file onto full-sheet label paper. Cut out each mailing label and stick it onto your woodgrain envelopes. Of course, there are plenty of other uses for these envelopes and mailing labels! You can add the A2 woodgrain envelopes into your herb and woodgrain invitation suite for your guests to send back their RSVP cards. If you do this, you could also stick the herb mailing labels onto these envelopes! For your guests to send back their RSVP cards, be sure to add your address (you, meaning the newlyweds-to-be!) in the “Please Deliver To” area, and leave the top left hand corner blank so that your guests can add their information. Or, you can take the time to fill out their address for them using the Museo font. It’s all up to you!     

There are plenty more pieces of this rustic Herb and Woodgrain Wedding Set coming up, so stay tuned! We will be posting table numbers, place cards, and thank you cards, all with this pretty rustic theme. Cheers! ~ Lia

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