Hello everyone! I am really excited to start sharing my home tour as I remodel and design my little fixer-upper one room at a time. If you have not seen my new home studio, be sure and pop over to this post to see how I am making the most of my creative space. I know that most of us are spending more time at home these days. So I wanted to show you another space I have arranged into an easy workspace. And to be completely transparent, I am sitting here right now with a view out my front window as I write this today.

My house was originally built in 1929 and still has Tudor details that I adore. But the style of furniture I am choosing ranges from a timeless vintage to mid-century modern. This workspace vignette is seated in my cottage-style living room between the sitting area and the fireplace, making a potentially awkward area not only inviting but beautiful to look at.

I started the design with the classic gold etagere. Then I filled it with my favorite objects, including vintage books, paper plants, and my paper rose art. Side note: There are 10 DIY paper projects in this vignette. Can you find them? I will give you a hint that three are paper air plants and the fig is a live plant.

I then added the simple mid-century walnut table and balanced the space with more wall art. Then I began to plan what kind of chair would fit best in this space. I knew it needed to be extremely comfortable, yet structured to create a space I can both work in during the day and relax with a puzzle at night.

It can be tricky to get furniture online without seeing it in person first, but I loved browsing Eternity Modern’s site. They have so many gorgeous mid-century modern pieces! For this workspace, I selected the Saarinen Executive Armchair in a dark grey cashmere with walnut legs. It was a delightful surprise when I opened the shipping box as it was as lovely and as comfortable as I had hoped. This piece was originally designed in the 1940s by Eero Saarinen who then won design awards in the ’60s for this elegantly designed chair.

I have to say thank you to Anna for posing for these photos below as I was behind the camera! We were laughing at our joke that she is the blonde Lia as we arranged this shot. Over the winter holidays, this was the cozy spot for working on my Charley Harper puzzle while enjoying some wine. But the shoes, well they are just a prop. 😉 The only addition I think that would enhance this corner of my living room is a second matching chair. This might be good preparation for the day that I can invite someone over to help me finish the puzzle?

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Eternity Modern is dedicated to crafting quality products specializing specifically in mid-century modern replicas. We specialize in producing mid-century modern furniture in a full range of colors and materials to match any interior. At Eternity Modern, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality furniture that will last generations. Our pieces are more than just furniture; they are works of art that inspire conversations, enhance any space, and bring mid-century modern style to your every day.

Eternity Modern Saarinen Executive Armchair with dogfront room workspaceEternity Modern Saarinen Executive Armchairfront room workspace during day and nightmid-century table and chairfront room workspace with Eternity Modern Saarinen Executive Armchair, small table, and gold etagere