Homemade_Body_ScrubWe are continuing the spa theme today with this recipe for a DIY scrub that will help prepare your skin ready for your pretty summer dresses. The base of epsom or sea salt not only exfoliates your skin but has the added benefit of absorbing toxins. One note about my reason for choosing salt over sugar for a scrub; I am working to limit the amount of refined sugar in my diet and since our skin absorbs whatever we put on it, adding sugar seems counter productive, right? Not only that but there is no health benefits from sugar where there are from epsom and sea salts. The almond oil has many healthy benefits for the skin so together they are a dynamic duo. For my floral essential oil I chose geranium which is oh so lovely. I then added a handful of lavender buds and fresh lilac petals for added color and another layer of natural fragrance. I made this scrub as a companion to the homemade body butter from yesterday and later today will share the labels for you to make a complete spa kit that is a perfect gift for your upcoming holidays and celebrations. Below is the printable recipe for this fragrant homemade body scrub and here are my ingredients and jar sources: Epsom Salt | Almond Oil | Geranium Essential Oil | Lavender Buds | Weck Jars | Labels    Enjoy! ~ Lia

Almond_Floral_Body_Scrub DIY_Almond_Oil_Body_Scrub Ingredients_Body_Scrub